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Body of Work

Regardless of size and scope, every assignment Set, Stage, Media-Mage  takes on is another potential prize possession to be proudly displayed in our ever expanding ‘Hall of Fame’! We hope a good perusal will, at most, steer you our way and at the very least, inspire! Enjoy!

Pic Gallery

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Vid Gallery

Video Description-

Opening Title Graphics for 'Pom Pom Zombies' 4k live backdrop

The opening cue for an irreverent “romp” about radioactive hot-dogs, hipster-voodoo and, yes, zombie cheerleaders. So, as you watch, imagine this projected against a 50-foot-wide backdrop in 4k… it was an awesome spectacle.

Video Description-

Paetow Theatre's 'Rise' Grant Entry

The following is an inspirational piece, spot-lighting the Paetow theatre department.

Video Description-

Excerpt/Promo, Science Documentary - "Working Title"

In collaboration with our "edgier" parent company, Killdozer Productions, we created this promotional video to raise awareness of a documentary film project highlighting the schism between some modern scientific theories and religion. This project is still in the works.

Video Description-

Paetow Theatre's 2017 Thespian Convention/Recruitment Video

Paetow's High School Theatre Department wanted a relatable, "wacky" recruitment tool in order to entice potential thespians. We succeeded?!

Video Description-

Excerpt from "Working Title" Science Documentary with Zack Kopplin

This will ultimately be a part of the "Working Title" documentary. In this section, Zack tells the tale of "The Three Senators".

Video Description-

Excerpt from Beta Boyz 1.0 Resident Evil 2 Letz Play

This excerpt was completed in conjunction with our parent company, Killdozer Productions, so this was edited to keep it "family-friendly". The series depicted a hapless trio, constantly at odds and NEVER politically correct.

Video Description-

Zack Kopplin Interview at Houston Museum of Natural Science

An upbeat version of the interview we did with Zack Kopplin ("Boy Wonder") discussing the problems with creationist science.

Video Description-

Beta Boyz 1.0 Fallout Party Promotional Video

This was the Beta Boyz 1.0 channel's initial YouTube post to advertise the epic Fallout 4 release party. It was a "blast". Again, a “family-friendly” cut version here.

Video Description-

A “This Is Your Life” Graduation Video for Caden

This young prodigy achieved a college degree and technical certification by the age of 18. In order to so, he sacrificed his conventional high school graduation ceremony. So we made him a video.

Video Description-

Cardiff JH's Career Technical Education Promo (exceprt)

An engineering teacher and his students put together a CTE inspired inspirational film. This is an excerpt.

Video Description-

Intro Graphic for The Master Beta 1.0 live stream show

This is the opening graphic Set, Stage, Media-Mage created for The Master Beta 1.0 show. WARNING: political content!

Video Description-

Live Graphics Example, Exceprt from The Master Beta 1.0 show

Set, Stage, Media-Mage created all the graphics used here and configured the hardware and studio set up in order to produce this live streaming show. WARNING: extreme political satire! Mature audiences only!

Interior Tech Designs

Technical Theatre covers a broad horizon of disciplines and skills. Check out what Set, Stage, Media-Mage could do for your home life!