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Le Cat, le Hat
by Adam Le Beta
Galveston, France 2018

Staff Bios

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Clay Ratcliff

Artistic Director

Licensed engineering teacher, recently presiding over the Las Vegas Academy as Technical Director for the Theatre Arts Program, Clay has been serving the greater Houston theatre community for over twenty years. He is grateful for the opportunities he has had to gain experience in every area of theatre production with such distinguished companies as the Alley Theater, the Hobby Center, Express Children’s, Main Street Theatre, Killdozer Productions and Cirque Du Soleil.

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Caden Alexander

IT Technician

Caden started out as a young prodigy in a theatre family. He acquired his GED at 16 and graduated from Lone Star College with an A+ Certification before his 19th birthday. While a an experienced performer and skilled theatre technician, Caden lends us his tech savvy to our company’s network and technology infrastructure.

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Brittany Garmon

Consulting Scenic Artist

Brittany has served as a skilled theatre technician all over the country; more recently, as the shop foreman and scenic designer for St. Johns Preparatory School in Houston. Her many talents include but are not limited to scenic artistry, properties design and fabrication, all-around theatre tech operator, and dramaturg.

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John Chandler

Contract Artist/Consultant

John has been contributing his talents to the arts world for the better part of his entire life. He is currently the Technical Director of a prestigious, preparatory, private school near the arts district in Houston. His child was eaten on the big screen by Peter Jackson’s King Kong.

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Bj Garmon

Consulting Technical Directer

With a Masters degree from the University of Houston, Bj possess a vast knowledge based on his substantial experience in technical theatre. He is skilled and experienced in all areas of technical design and implementation, including, but not limited to, lighting, sound, set construction, fly-rail rigging and pyro.