Scene-Shop Lighting Project
Las Vegas Academy for the Arts
Las Vegas, NV 2018

At Set, Stage, Media-Mage,

we make you look good.


Initial consultation is where it all begins. It’s 100% complimentary and, considering our extensive experience, a free consult with Set, Stage, Media-Mage might be all you need.


Let Set, Stage, Media-Mage present you with a mock-up presentation reflecting your unique vision. From here, you may decide to go it alone, or, give us the “green light” to begin construction.


Let us flex our production muscle for you! With over 20 years of experience in all areas of fabrication disciplines, rest assured, you’re going to look very smart for going with Set, Stage, Media-Mage.

"Audrey 2"
Little Shop of Horrors
Dionysus Theatre, 2013

One... stop... shop.

Set, Stage, Media-Mage is backed by decades worth of combined experience in two very important disciplines; Production Design and Production Implementation. That means if you can think it up, we can make it happen*.

*(budget allotting)

"Attack of the Pom Pom Zombies"
Paetow High School 2017
(*living backdrop at 4K resolution)


Ready to learn? Want to take a much deserved break from class time? Let Set, Stage, Media-Mage take the wheel and introduce your students to the amazing world of Technical Theatre! All skill levels!


Do you know exactly want you want but not sure how to make it happen? Hey, that’s OUR job! Set, Stage, Media-Mage is the quickest way to engineer your entire presentation, project or production!


Art reflects life and there’s a lot of stuff in life. Small or large, Set, Stage, Media-Mage can fabricate just about anything to aid in the ‘reflection’ you’re going for.

Body Of Work

Creating a result you’re proud to show off is a guiding principle at Set, Stage, Media-Mage.

Multi-Faceted, Multi-Media, Multi-Possibilities

It’s a broad horizon at Set, Stage, Media-Mage.


We have our own graphic-artist team and contractors. So whether you’re looking for that perfect logo, title shot or custom motion graphic, Set, Stage, Media-Mage has got your graphic needs covered!


Looking to promote your organization or upcoming event? Set, Stage, Media-Mage is equipped with end to end film and multimedia production resources. All you need to say is, “Action!”


What medium are you looking to output to? Not sure? We can help with projections, digital workflow, screen output designs, live broadcasts, streaming and whatever the kids are into these days!